HENGTONG designs and manufactures fiber preform offering superior performance and reliability. We have now successfully a broad range of preform products. Our longest preform length reaches 6m, O.D.200mm, corresponding to fiber over 15000km. The preform O.D varies from 80 to 200mm. We supply preform for producing full spectrum low water peak fiber G.652.D and FTTx fiber G.657.A. The low loss optical fiber for long distance trunk communication construction and the low loss bend insensitive fiber for specific application. The special fiber G.654 with long distance and low loss submarine cable.

Üretim Aşamaları

High purity and stable quality of imported raw materials for the preform to provide a guarantee.

Our products meet or superior with international ITU-T standard.

Our longest perform length reaches 6m, O.D.200mm

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