LS Cable & System's surge arrestors provide excellent lightning protection and outstanding RF performance. All designs have low return loss, low insertion loss, and low intermodulation.

• LS Cable's gas discharge tube type lightning arrestor is one of lightning strike protector that is used most widely with λ/4 shorting stub type lightning arrestor.
•The biggest difference from others is that it adapts replaceable gas discharge tube between internal and outer conductor and it discharges electron pulse that occurred instantaneously at lightning strike to earth.



ItemModel. AT-NMNF
 V.S.W.R1.12 : 1
Insertion Loss-0.2dB / max
 Impedance50 Ω
 Surge Current3kA  6KV
Mating Interface N - Type
GenderMale to Female
 Size76.7mm x 40.7mm
 Body (material/plated)Brass / Three Material Alloy ( Cu-Zn-Sn )
Contact (material/plated)Beryllium copper and Brass / Silver
Coupling Nut Torque0.68 Nm ~ 1.13 Nm




ItemModel. AT-DMDF
 V.S.W.R1.12 : 1
Insertion Loss-0.1dB / max
 Impedance50 Ω
 Surge Current100KA ( 8 / 20 ㎲ )
Mating Interface 7/16 Din - Type
GenderMale to Female  or  Female to Female
 Size96.9mm x 83.5mm
 Body (material/plated)Brass / Three Material Alloy ( Cu-Zn-Sn )
Contact (material/plated)Brass / Three Material Alloy ( Cu-Zn-Sn )
Coupling Nut Torque25 Nm ~ 30 Nm


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